Mizzou New Music Initiative announces winners in the 2023 Creating Original Music Project Competition

April 19, 2023

The winning composers in the 2023 Creating Original Music Project (COMP) have been announced by the Mizzou New Music Initiative. Now in its 18th year, COMP is an annual statewide competition sponsored by the University of Missouri School of Music and the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation. COMP showcases new, original music from Missouri student composers and songwriters in grades K-12, offering positive recognition, prizes, performances, educational opportunities, and more.

For the competition, students in grades K-5 submit compositions in two categories, Songs With Words and Instrumental. For grades 6-8, the categories are Fine Art Music and Popular Music, and for grades 9-12, the categories are Fine Art Music, Jazz, and Pop Music/Other styles. All entries are required to be original music written by the student, and only one entry per student is allowed. Both notated pieces and music made electronically are eligible. Arrangements of previously composed pieces or improvisation based on composed pieces are not accepted.

Both the winning composers and their schools are awarded cash prizes, and the winning compositions will be performed at the Creating Original Music Project’s New Music Festival on April 22, 2023 in the Sinquefield Music Center’s Sheryl Crow Hall at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The junior division concert, featuring works from elementary and middle school winners of this year’s competition, begins at 11:15 a.m., with the senior division concert of popular and notated music by high school winners following at 1:45 p.m. A concert of mixed genres and ages for winners in pop and jazz categories follows at 3 p.m. Since COMP began in 2006, hundreds of pieces of music by K-12 Missouri composers have been performed.

Winners in high school also are eligible for scholarships to attend the Missouri Summer Composition Institute, which will take place June 10-17 on the Mizzou campus.

The 2022 Creating Original Music Project (COMP) competition categories and winners are:

Elementary Division (K-5): Instrumental Music

1st Theodore Alexander, Snow Day, City Garden Montessori, Saint Louis

Sponsor: Pat Garrett

2nd Clara Watson, A Spider Web, Paxton Keeley Elementary, Columbia

Sponsor: Barry Watson

3rd Luke Stegner, Jaunty Biggelo, Cole Country R-V, Jefferson City

Sponsor: Pearl Stegner

Honorable mention:

Angie Sexton, Rachel Meyer, Meghan Pieper, Katie Mixner & Melissa Creasy, The Lonely Ladybug, William Cappel Elementary,

Moscow Mills

Sponsor: Robert Berzack

Elementary Division (K-5): Song with Words

1st Hannah Reetz, Flowers, Williamsburg Elementary School, Williamsburg

Sponsor: Sherry Reetz

2nd Brianne Holden, You Just Gotta Know, Maysville Elementary, Maysville

Sponsor: Shelby Rogers

3rd Shelby Cooper, I Know a Thing or Two, Mill Creek Elementary, Columbia

Sponsor: Jordan Walker

Honorable mention: Easton Bankery, Snow Day, Siegrist Elementary Platte County R3, Kansas City

Sponsor: Pearl Stegner

Middle School Division (6-8): Popular Genres – Acoustic

1st Rebecca Stanford, Hope, St. Brendan School Mexico, Mexico

Sponsor: Ted R. Brauker

2nd Abigail Harmon, What Happens Next?, Ozark Junior High, Springfield

Sponsor: Alicia Campbell

3rd Abbey Hamm, Finally Found You, Mexico Middle School, Mexico

Sponsor: Julie Pappas

3rd Rebbeca Ninemire, She’s No Barbie Girl, Summit Lakes Middle School, Lees Summit

Sponsor: Mr. Bryant Knapp

Middle School Division (6-8): Popular Music – Electronically Produced

1st Wyatt Weatherford, Restless, South Shelby Middle School, Shelbina

Sponsor: Josh McCoy

Middle School Division (6-8): Notated Music

1st Sedyankov Daniel, Caught, Parkway Southwest Middle School, Manchester

Sponsor: Jacquie Sheehan

2nd Skye Gash, Ominous Adventure, South Valley Middle School, Kansas City

Sponsor: Parker Stanley

3rd Isaac Faust, The Jazzy Lounge, New Mark Middle School, Kansas City

Sponsor: Jim Freise

Honorable mention:

Isabelle Ortis, Fading Memories, Christian Fellowship School, Columbia

Sponsor: AJ Seidhoff

High School Division (9-12): Popular Genres – Acoustic

1st Ovya Diwakaran, Chess, Ladue High School, Saint Louis

Sponsor: Thomas Lowery

2nd Andrew Wilkie, Friends Forever, Neosho High School, Neosho

Sponsor: Dan Duffield

3rd Liam David Rocha Colin, Un Hilo Del Sol, Park Hill High School, Kansas City

Sponsor: Ky Hascall

High School Division (9-12): Popular Genres – Electronic Produced

1st Stone Gill, Shallow, Arcadia Valley High School, Arcadia

Sponsor: Charles Lee

2nd Caleb Matthew Hauptmann, A Familiar Place (VIP), Hallsville High School, Hallsville

Sponsor: Nathaniel Lewis

3rd Henry Lammers, The Ocean Burns, David H. Hickman High School, Columbia

Sponsor: Robin Steinhaus

High School Division (9-12): Jazz

1st Quincy Meyer, Bittersweet Tangerine, East Buchanan High School, Gower

Sponsor: Mr. Bryan Duddy

2nd Eli Minasian, The Groovy Ghost, Home-schooled, Springfield

Sponsor: Kyle Aho

High School Division (6-8): Notated Music

1st Hannah Wolkowitz, Strawberry Shortcake, Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield

Sponsor: Alicia Bont

2nd Yueheng Wang, The Red Giant, Ladue Horton Watkins High School, Creve Coeur

Sponsor: Aaron Lehde

3rd Matthew Hilger, Clouds Untouched, Summit Technology Academy, Lees Summit

Sponsor: Shawn Harrel

Honorable mention:

Eli Parks, Suite pour trois violoncelles, Central High School, Springfield

Sponsor: Shea Brown and Esther Clifton

Here are the judges for the 2023 competition:

High School/Middle School Notated Music

Preliminary Judges  

Robyne Sieh, BM in Music Composition, Sophomore (Sinquefield Prize Finalist)

JT Wolfe, BM in Music Composition, Sophomore (Sinquefield Prize Finalist) 

Final Judges  

María Laura Disandro, MM

Harry González, Graduate Assistant 

Popular Genres Judges:  

Dr. Sam Griffith, Assistant Teaching Professor of Jazz, University of Missouri

Dr. Bonnie McLarty, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory, University of Missouri 

Elementary Instrumental Music and Elementary Song With Words   

Dr. Wendy L. Sims and students 

Livestreams of the April 23 concerts can be viewed by following these links:

11:15 a.m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycew9J9Zz_4

1:45 p.m. https://www.youtube.com/live/uzV9DLz8PcQ?feature=share

3 p.m. https://www.youtube.com/live/Ycew9J9Zz_4?feature=share